nyomalabs is a spare-time, non-profit project incubator run by myself in order to create something hopefully useful out of my programming activities. I used to be a professional programmer a decade or so ago but my current job doesn’t involve programming anymore. So whenever i have time (means after taking care of my family & friend and the other stuff which needs to be done) i enjoy writing some code. As times have changed (i started programming with Basic, Turbo Pascal and Assembler back in the 80s) and in my current job i have some exposure to mobile phones i’m currently doing Android programming. The results you’ll find on this website. I will also try to regularly write down some interesting aspects i came across during building the projects in the blog section.

So, take a look, install the app(s) and do not hesitate to give feedback by email, in the Play Store or in the forums on this website.


Thomas (thomas@nyomalabs.com)

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